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Cross-Language Big Data Services

Supported by advanced technologies such as multilingual data collection, data governance, machine translation, cross-language semantic search, multilingual knowledge graph, and multidimensional data visualization, GTCOM provides big data technologies and algorithm services, PaaS, DaaS, SaaS, big data solutions, industry-specific consulting/reporting and other cross-language big data services.

All Knowledge Graph Machine Translation and Language Technology Cross-Language Big Data Services

Big Data Technology and Algorithm Services

Multilingual NLP Algorithm Platform

More than 30 languages and provides more than 10 types of algorithms enable GTCOM...
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Data Modeling Services

GTCOM combined NLP with big data analysis technologies to produce general computing models that...
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Technical Platforms

Data Governor

The Big Data Governor platform is used for the structured governance of large-scale unstructured...
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Data Miner

The Big Data Analysis platform, Miner, is a cloud analysis platform based on machine...
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Data Analysis Services

Industry-Specific Consulting Reports

With professional teams for data science, big data technology R&D, public opinion analysis, as...
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Index Products and Services

Leveraging on its alternative data analysis capabilities, GTCOM provides enterprises in all industries with...
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Industrial Applications

AI-Powered Virus Control and Emergency Management System

We pooled expertise from disease control experts, epidemiologists and mathematicians to build an AI-powered...
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AI Smart Disease Control Information Collection and Analysis System

This system can be used by government bodies, enterprises, hospitals, schools and various other...
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