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Machine Translation and Language Technology

Based on our cutting-edge algorithms including natural language processing, multi-language machine translation, and speech and image recognitioin, GTCOM provides high-quality machine translation, language technology and language service solutions.

All Knowledge Graph Machine Translation and Language Technology Cross-Language Big Data Services

Hardware Devices

LanguageBox • Smart Solution for Conferences

LanguageBox is a smart solution for conferences developed by GTCOM, which provides precise machine...
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MerCube, an Enterprise-level Machine Translation server

Given the increased attention being paid to information security, MerCube provides an exclusive, privately...
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Software Products

YeeCloud.com, Online Human-translation Platform

YeeCloud.com is an authoritative, professional, high-quality online human-translation platform based on cloud computing and...
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YEEKIT, an Intelligent Language-technology Tools Platform

YeeKit is an intelligent language-technology platform based on leading language technologies such as neural...
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Technical Services

Cloud Services

GTCOM provides external users with API of its independently developed machine translation system. Users...
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Software Localization and Private Cloud Deployment

GTCOM can deploy machine translation software offline in customers’ working environment, thus basing machine...
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Language Services

Translation and Localization

GTCOM has more than 40 years of translation service experience in the fields of...
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Conference Interpreting

GTCOM provides simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting and escort interpreting services for various international conferences...
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